Frontend: Rendering the form

Form container

At the minimum, you need a designated container on your page, where the form will be rendered, and when the form JSON is available, create a new Supler.Form:

  <div id="form-container"></div>
  <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" id="submit" role="button">Submit</a>
  <p id="feedback"></p>
var formContainer = document.getElementById('form-container');
var form = new Supler.Form(formContainer, {});
form.render(formJson); // formJson is received from the server

If the JSON received from the server contains validation errors, they will be displayed as well.

Field order

You may choose to change the order of fields that comes from the backend. To do so, override field_order form option.

new Supler.Form(container, {
  field_order: [
      ['firstName', 'lastName'],
      ['street', 'streetNo', 'apptNo'],
      ['postcode', 'city', 'country']

The field_order field should be a two-dimensional string array with field names that represents form rows.

Note that if you have fields which have random names (static fields), you will have to name them to be able to reference them in the field order.